MAT Papers and Worked Solutions

PaperPaper LinkSolutionsAverage score of all Oxford Applicants taking MATAverage score of the Oxford Applicants who were shortlisted for interviewAverage score of the Oxford Applicants who were made offersFeedback   
MAT Specimen 1Full PaperSolutions
MAT Specimen 2Full PaperSolutions
MAT 2007Full PaperSolutions56.96375.2
MAT 2008Full PaperSolutions58.76877
MAT 2009Full PaperSolutions51.361.270.5
MAT 2010Full PaperSolutions4961.469.3Feedback
MAT 2011Full PaperSolutions50.363.371Feedback
MAT 2012Full PaperSolutions52.16368.2Feedback
MAT 2013Full PaperSolutions44.854.260.6Feedback
MAT 2014Full PaperSolutions48.463.171.5Feedback
MAT 2015Full PaperSolutions43.756.362.7Feedback
MAT 2016Full PaperSolutions50.366.773.1Feedback
MAT 2017Full PaperSolutions51.368.773.6Feedback
MAT 2018Full PaperSolutions50.867.172.9Feedback
MAT 2019Full PaperSolutions44.963.669.3Feedback
MAT 2020Full PaperSolutions57.975.281.7Feedback
MAT 2021Full PaperSolutions51.169.573.5Feedback
MAT 2022Full PaperSolutions48.365.271.5Feedback
MAT 2023Full PaperSolutions51.268.175.1Feedback

Additional MAT Multiple Choice Questions

PaperPaper LinkSolutions
MAT Additional Multiple Choice 2020Full PaperSolutions
MAT Additional Multiple Choice 2021Full PaperSolutions
MAT Additional Multiple Choice 2022Full PaperSolutions
MAT Additional Multiple Choice 2023Full PaperSolutions

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