Online Tuition: Is it the right option for you?

If you think online tuition is for you, feel free to check out my One-to-One Tuition page for more information on the subjects I tutor, experience and qualifications, hourly rate and booking taster sessions.

Is online tuition the best option for you?


One of the decisions you need to make when looking for one-to-one tuition is whether you choose to go for an in-person or online tutor. Most people would think that in-person tuition is much better than online tuition, but in fact both can be as good as each other provided an online tutor has the right technological set up.

How does online tuition work?

Online tuition works in the following way: a video call will be set up between you and the tutor for communication. Then both of you will have access to an online whiteboard software which allows both you and the tutor to write in real-time. This allows for instantaneous feedback and support when answering questions.

Is online tuition the right choice for you?

Access to Technology:

One of the first things to think about when considering online tuition is whether you have access to the right technology. This is important as lacking the right equipment will affect how interactive and engaging the sessions can be. For online tuition, it is ideal to have some sort of touch screen laptop/tablet along with a stylus so that you can write on the screen. This is so you can engage with the online whiteboard software so both you and the tutor can see your working to questions. It is possible for online tuition to take place without a tablet and in my opinion, this works best with having 2 different video calls active at the same time. One video call would be through your phone with it placed in a phone stand and the camera pointing towards your paper. This is so I can see your working when answering questions. Then a second call would be through your laptop or another device on zoom where you would see my screen share. This allows the lessons to be just as interactive, however it just means I can’t write on the same bit of paper/whiteboard as you are to mark working. If the online set up is something you are concerned about, ask the tutor for a trial session to experience it and see if it works for you.

Advantages of online tuition:

One of the advantages of online tuition is the ease at which it can take place. You can participate wherever you are, whether that’s at home, or in college during a free period. This allows it to be so much more flexible and time efficient for you since it’s less hassle finding time for the online sessions. It is also just as engaging and effective as in-person tuition when using the set ups outlined above since both you and the tutor are writing and interacting in real-time the same as you would be for in person tuition.

You may decide that having an in-person tutor come to you is ideal, especially if you are in an area with plenty of experienced and competent tutors. But when your location limits the quality of tuition, this is where online tuition is much more beneficial. Online tuition gives you access to hundreds of tutors with varying degrees of experience and qualifications. You have the luxury of being able to select the perfect tutor for you/your son/your daughter at a price you can afford. For cheaper tuition, many university students offer their services, and for the higher paid tuition, you get the more experienced and qualified tutors.

What should you do in and outside of your online lessons to get the most out of them?

(This is specifically for my one-to-one tuition but the key points should be applied in general).

You should treat online lessons the same as you do lessons in college. Engage and ask questions when you don’t fully understand, come to them prepared and be willing to learn. With my one-to-one tuition, I set homework between sessions since this consolidation outside of lessons allows you to really take in the concepts and methods you learned and often has the biggest impact on your overall grade. So the aim should be to always complete this before the following session. 

Outside of lessons, when you are doing independent work, if you come across something you don’t quite understand or can’t do, then make a note of it and email or WhatsApp me with the issue and I can either quickly help over email/WhatsApp or we can wait for the next session and go over it then. With my one-to-one tuition, the support and help from me doesn’t end once the lesson is over.